10-2-21: Jumpbox Workshop with Nini Bloch

Jump boxes offer a great way to practice specific agility skills with your dog:

  • They’re ideal for small spaces and for those that have minimal equipment.
  • They’re inherently flexible—you can tweak to your heart’s delight, whether it be setting bars low for a puppy, or setting a greater challenge for your dog and yourself by changing the angle of one jump.
  • And they can form the kernel of a larger sequence. 
  • Best of all, because a jumpbox is simply jumps, it means YOU have to keep moving, so you have to plan each run well.

We’ll play with a simple jumpbox, a tweaked jumpbox, and a little sequence with add-ons to demonstrate the options. This’ll be primarily a handling workshop, but we’ll explore the endless possibilities that simple setups offer for training skills both you and your dog need and for improving your communication and timing. Puppies welcome (jump bars low or on the ground are fine). Sally’s created a sign-up.

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