ARFF Agility Practice Signup
  • 6-29-22: Those OTHER Jumps
    Following up on the OTHER Jumps workshop, here are a couple of sequences with a double, triple, and broad jump that will help you figure out what sorts of adjustments you need to make in approaching and exiting these obstacles so that your dog can follow an efficient path without knocking bars and swinging way ... Read More
  • 6-22-22: Serpentines in Sequences
    This week’s setup includes a pinwheel and lots of serpentine possibilities. Plan which side of the serpentine you want to be on when your dog exits it. Try to keep your dog moving smoothly throughout. Watch the slightly weird angles and adjust your path accordingly. Who will be there?– Betty (setup)– Sally (setup)– Barbara (Setup)– ... Read More
  • 6-15-22: Weavemania
    Nancy Gyes offers a setup for testing your dog’s weave entries and some advice for dealing with pop-out dogs. Four options. Who’s signed up?Barbara & Rorie (4:00 playtime)
  • 6-8-22: Looking for Patterns & Strategizing Crosses
    The jumble of jumps in this sequence are tightly packed. It will be a challenge to negotiate a path among them and, for instance, get to the right tunnel entrance. Look at the paths and be clear about when and where you need to cross and which way you want to turn your dog. For ... Read More
  • 6-1-22: Weaves after a double
    This segment of a segment of AKC JWW course offers a head-on approach to the weaves (dogs often don’t see the line of poles, so be careful) from a double jump. You’ll also do a U-turn off the A-frame to the double. Who will be there? Betty, Barb, Heather, Sally

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