Getting Started in Agility

ARFF accepts members that have basic agility instruction under their belts. To join the club, you will need to have taken agility classes and be evaluated at the field to ensure that you and your dog can use the equipment safely. Our practices don't address learning agility but novice ARFF members can get support at practice from Practice Committee members and members with competition experience.

There are many opportunities for agility classes in the greater Boston area. If you google "Agility classes (your location)" you'll see what training facilities are near you.

ARFF Equipment
Agility Organizations
The following organizations offer agility trials and training opportunities.


Clean Run

Clean Run Magazine offers unmatched news and information for agility enthusiasts. The magazine contains articles about all of the major agility organizations, training tips, handling methodologies, practice courses and exercises, and interviews with top agility competitors. Clean Run also sells products for agility handlers and dogs on their website. ​

Agility Classes

To find a class near you, do a web search for "dog agility classes [your location]".