Becoming a Member of ARFF Agility

All applicants must have completed basic agility training and, also, pass a simple evaluation that demonstrates knowledge of equipment safety BEFORE they receive an application.

How do I become a member of ARFF?

If you‘ve completed basic training and want to become a member, contact our Membership person (by clicking here). We will arrange a brief evaluation, a simple test to ensure that you and your dog know the safe use of the equipment, and that your dog is not aggressive. The evaluation will be at our practice field in Carlisle, MA. You will receive an application from the Membership person. Please complete it and bring it with you to the field for your evaluation. If you return the application by email prior to the evaluation, your evaluator will know a little about you before meeting you.

Why Join ARFF?

  • Twice a week practice at beautiful River Road Farm in Carlisle, MA
  • An informal mentor program for new members
  • Camaraderie with fellow dog lovers
  • Opportunities to attend dog related classes, seminars and fun social events
  • Information exchange about dogs and agility
  • A great source for networking
  • Being part of a fun and well-run club

Membership types/annual dues

  • Individual Membership – $20/$80/$100 depending on the number of dogs you have RENEW NOW
  • Junior Membership (under age 16) – $40

Our members have a love for dogs and agility.  Since the success of the club depends on the volunteer work of its members, we expect members to participate in the club’s activities, pitching-in at practices, our annual trial and events.

Agility is really fun - whether you compete or just want to have fun and build a bond with your dog.