ARFF 2023 Trial Survey

This questionnaire is for ARFF Agility Club Members
ARFF has a long history of running a two-day outdoor trial on Labor Day weekend. The trial has been very well attended for many years, but after missing 2 years due to Covid, the changing options for trial venues, and the decline in club membership we must reevaluate whether we can continue with our traditional format or explore whether to hold future trials. We must receive input from the club membership by January 27th to decide about holding our 2023 trial at the Westford 4-H site.


  • With RV parking, we attract upper-level competitors, which means experienced course builders and other ring personnel.
  • Plenty of shade, parking, and room to run, exercise your dogs.
  • Established tradition – It’s Labor Day Weekend and a great end of the summer trial season.
  • Holding a regularly scheduled trial secures the date, site, and our fan base.


  • Field conditions footing
  • Unpredictability of weather
  • Holiday weekend draws people to other activities.
  • Inconsistently holding a trial dissipates our fan base and puts the site and date in jeopardy.
  • Limited availability of alternate dates in the USDAA calendar.
ARFF Agility Club 2023 Trial Survey
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1. Should ARFF hold a USDAA Agility Trial on Labor Day weekend 2023 at the Westford 4-H Fairgrounds? (Setup on Friday, Sept 1, and classes on Saturday and Sunday, Sept 2 and 3)
1.a. Do you anticipate being available to help set up on Friday (Y/N)?
1.b. Do you anticipate being available to participate on Saturday as a volunteer or a competitor?
1.c. Do you anticipate being available to participate on Sunday as a volunteer or a competitor?
2. Should ARFF host a trial in 2024?
2.a. If ARFF should host a trial in 2024, should it be indoor or outdoor? (Note: our current estimate of “profit” from a one-ring indoor trial with 400 runs is breakeven.)
3. Would you continue to be a member of ARFF if it were just a social club (no affiliation with USDAA or other agility organization)?