ARFF Agility Trial Premium and Schedule

ARFF Agility Club is pleased to have Stephen Routh (Pooler GA) and Val Reiner (Savoy MA) as the judges for our 2023 Labor Day weekend USDAA agility trial.

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ARFF 2023 USDAA Trial Tentative Schedule.xlsx

Day 1: 09/02/2023Judge
Ring 1
Buddy's RunRouth, Stephen
Jumpers - StartersRouth, Stephen
Jumpers Level 1Routh, Stephen
Jumpers - AdvancedRouth, Stephen
Jumpers Level 2Routh, Stephen
Jumpers - MastersRouth, Stephen
Jumpers Level 3Routh, Stephen
Jumpers - VeteransRouth, Stephen
Snooker - StartersRouth, Stephen
Snooker Level 1Routh, Stephen
Snooker - AdvancedRouth, Stephen
Snooker Level 2Routh, Stephen
Snooker - MastersRouth, Stephen
Snooker Level 3Routh, Stephen
Snooker - VeteransRouth, Stephen
Dog Agility Steeplechase® QualifierRouth, Stephen
Ring 2
Gamblers - MastersReiner, Valerie
Gamblers Level 3Reiner, Valerie
Gamblers - VeteransReiner, Valerie
Gamblers - StartersReiner, Valerie
Gamblers Level 1Reiner, Valerie
Gamblers - AdvancedReiner, Valerie
Gamblers Level 2Reiner, Valerie
Standard Agility - MastersReiner, Valerie
Standard Level 3Reiner, Valerie
Standard - VeteransReiner, Valerie
Standard Agility - AdvancedReiner, Valerie
Standard Level 2Reiner, Valerie
Standard Agility - StartersReiner, Valerie
Standard Level 1Reiner, Valerie
Combined Pairs RelayReiner, Valerie
Combined Pairs Relay - PerformanceReiner, Valerie
Combined Pairs Relay - 2nd Titling RunReiner, Valerie
Combined Relay Performance - 2nd Titling RunReiner, Valerie
Day 2: 09/03/2023Judge
Ring 1
Snooker Level 3Reiner, Valerie
Snooker - VeteransReiner, Valerie
Snooker - MastersReiner, Valerie
Snooker - AdvancedReiner, Valerie
Snooker Level 2Reiner, Valerie
Snooker - StartersReiner, Valerie
Snooker Level 1Reiner, Valerie
Jumpers Level 3Reiner, Valerie
Jumpers - VeteransReiner, Valerie
Jumpers - MastersReiner, Valerie
Jumpers - AdvancedReiner, Valerie
Jumpers Level 2Reiner, Valerie
Jumpers - StartersReiner, Valerie
Jumpers Level 1Reiner, Valerie
Ring 2
Standard Agility - AdvancedRouth, Stephen
Standard Level 2Routh, Stephen
Standard Agility - StartersRouth, Stephen
Standard Level 1Routh, Stephen
Standard Level 3Routh, Stephen
Standard - VeteransRouth, Stephen
Standard Agility - MastersRouth, Stephen
Grand Prix of Dog Agility® QualifierRouth, Stephen
Gamblers - AdvancedRouth, Stephen
Gamblers Level 2Routh, Stephen
Gamblers - StartersRouth, Stephen
Gamblers Level 1Routh, Stephen
Gamblers Level 3Routh, Stephen
Gamblers - VeteransRouth, Stephen
Gamblers - MastersRouth, Stephen
If you want to download the course maps from our super judges, we'll have them soon.