Who will be at Practice Saturday October 23rd?

Sign up and you’ll be added to the list. Saturday is “open” practice. Who ever goes to practice gets to determine (by consensus) the exercises/courses we use. Just in case we choose Wednesday’s course/exercises, don’t forget to bring your map! 9:00 Playtime9:30 Setup10:00 Practice Start

Who will be at Practice Wednesday Oct 13?

Sign up and you’ll be added to the list 4:00 playtime 4:30-5:00 setup 5:00 or later start NINI BLOCH (4:30-5:00 setup)Sally and Tiger (4:00 playtime)(need to leave by 6) Beth and Kayla (4:00 playtime) Susan and Sulu Don’t forget to bring your map.

Exercise: Handling Cues for Jump Boxes

This week’s exercise combines the handling cues required for boxes plus the speed added by a tunnel. You can run this drill with or without the dogwalk. 

Happy Hurdler Exercise (Ann Croft)

This week’s practice uses a Happy Hurdler exercise from Ann Croft, which uses jumps and tunnels. You can break the course down into smaller sections or run one of the three complete courses to practice the skills at different levels.