Exercise: Handling Cues for Jump Boxes

This week’s exercise combines the handling cues required for boxes plus the speed added by a tunnel. You can run this drill with or without the dogwalk. 

Happy Hurdler Exercise (Ann Croft)

This week’s practice uses a Happy Hurdler exercise from Ann Croft, which uses jumps and tunnels. You can break the course down into smaller sections or run one of the three complete courses to practice the skills at different levels. 

Serpentines and Threadles

his practice uses a portion of an AKC Jumpers course, which features serpentines. We used this exercise last year and everyone enjoyed the challenge. The alternate course provides backsides and threadle practice.

Tunnel/A-frame Discriminations

Here’s a portion of a CPE Standard course that provides some practice in tunnel/A-frame discrimination. You will have a chance to practice which cues work best for you and your dog and how you can set the dog’s line for the correct obstacle, despite the A-frame and 20′ tunnel obstructing the handler’s path.