Exercise: Handling Cues for Jump Boxes

This week’s exercise combines the handling cues required for boxes plus the speed added by a tunnel. You can run this drill with or without theRead More

Happy Hurdler Exercise (Ann Croft)

This week’s practice uses a Happy Hurdler exercise from Ann Croft, which uses jumps and tunnels. You can break the course down into smaller sections orRead More

Serpentines and Threadles

his practice uses a portion of an AKC Jumpers course, which features serpentines. We used this exercise last year and everyone enjoyed the challenge. The alternate courseRead More

Tunnel/A-frame Discriminations

Here’s a portion of a CPE Standard course that provides some practice in tunnel/A-frame discrimination. You will have a chance to practice which cues workRead More

USDAA Gamblers Course

This week we have a USDAA Advanced Gamblers course designed by Janet Gauntt. You get to design your own opening and then test your distance skills inRead More

Full Course: USDAA Advanced Snooker

This week we are running an Advanced Snooker course. If you’re not familiar with Snooker, here’s a link to an article from Clean Run thatRead More

Full Course: USDAA Biathlon Jumpers

This week we’re running a USDAA Biathlon Jumpers course. “Biathlons” are the most complex and challenging courses run in USDAA. You can run the entireRead More

Full Course: Crufts 2019 Standard

This week we’ll run a course that was used at Crufts in early March 2019 as a singles heat for all sizes: large, small, and medium.Read More

Full Course: Westminster 2019 Finals

You may have watched the Westminster Finals course on TV in February and now you can try it out yourself. Here’s the AKC Standard course thatRead More