Who will be at Practice Wednesday 8/4?

Sign up and you’ll be added to the list Michelle and Winnie, 5 start Susanna and Lulu, 4:30 set up Beth and Kayla, play time Blue and Flint, set up Betty and Harry, set up Sally and Tiger, 4:15 our goal Don’t forget to bring your map.

5-5-21: Jumpers Handling

This week we have 3 exercises that will keep you moving. Depending on the number of members at practice, we may setup 1, 2 or 3. Exercise 1 has jumps and weave poles. Exercise 2 has a just 5 jumps but you’ll be moving to stay with your dog if you run from the start. Exercise 3 has a starting … Read More

4-24-21: Course Building Workshop

Have you gone to practice early, course map in hand and not known what to do to start setting up the course? This Saturday workshop will help.