11-20-21: Tunnel Fun

These sequences will keep you on your toes while giving you practice about how to get your dog into the correct tunnel entry, running the outsides of tunnels, and distance work. Try pieces of the second one; it’s wild. Enjoy!

11-6-21: Which Cross When

This is essentially a fast-paced Jumpers course that offers you the chance to plan crosses in motion. Try to be aware of when you need to cross and where you need to be to give your dog the clearest guidance. When you run, keep moving!

5-5-21: Jumpers Handling

This week we have 3 exercises that will keep you moving. Depending on the number of members at practice, we may setup 1, 2 or 3. Exercise 1 has jumps and weave poles. Exercise 2 has a just 5 jumps but you’ll be moving to stay with your dog if you run from the start. Exercise 3 has a starting … Read More