Who will be at Practice Saturday Sept 18

Sign up and you’ll be added to the list. Saturday is “open” practice. Who ever goes to practice gets to determine (by consensus) the exercises/courses we use. Just in case we choose Wednesday’s course/exercises, don’t forget to bring your map! 9:00 Playtime9:30 Setup10:00 Practice Start Sally and Tiger – as close to 9:15 as we can get.

5-5-21: Jumpers Handling

This week we have 3 exercises that will keep you moving. Depending on the number of members at practice, we may setup 1, 2 or 3. Exercise 1 has jumps and weave poles. Exercise 2 has a just 5 jumps but you’ll be moving to stay with your dog if you run from the start. Exercise 3 has a starting … Read More

4-24-21: Course Building Workshop

Have you gone to practice early, course map in hand and not known what to do to start setting up the course? This Saturday workshop will help.