7-24-24: Serpentines with Table

It may just be 4 jumps and a table, but these two serpentine exercises will keep you on your toes and happy for a pause at the table. Please sign up at https://bit.ly/ARFF_Practice Please remember to print and bring the layout and maps to practice.

7-17-24: Building a Skill: Running behind a Tunnel

There are times when it makes sense to run “behind” a tunnel (around the outside). This may weird out your dog unless you specifically train for it. Following up on the Building a Skill workshop, these exercises show you step-by-step what to do to introduce this concept  to your dog and hone his performance. Don’t forget to signup! https://bit.ly/ARFF_Practice

7-10-24 More Contact Discriminations

These are the classic setups of tunnel-under-A-frame and tunel-under-dogwalk that you encounter so often at trials. In either case, you’ll have a chance to “flip” your dog from the end of the dogwalk or A-frame into the tunnel behind him. It’s a useful skill. Signup and see who else has signed up at https://bit.ly/ARFF_Practice

7-3-24: Tight Turns with Weaves

Getting a good weave entry and performance in tight, twisty courses takes practice. These two setups offer wraps, tunnel sends, serpentines, threadles, and odd weave entries.