Collection, Extension, and Homing Workshop
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Collection, Extension, and Homing Workshop

Presented by long-time agility competitor Linda Medcraft
Saturday, June 12th, 9:00–12:00

Linda will spend an hour each on these essential skills that every agility dog must master. Collection and extension allow your dog to stretch out on straightaways or dial down his stride for tight turns. Homing enables him to instantly return to your no matter what else is happening on course. If your dog needs a refresher or lacks these skills, he’ll have a hard time negotiating tricky courses.

Linda has been competing successfully in agility since the ’90s with a series of impressive border collies and has always been open to training innovations.

Any dog over 6 months can play; Linda will adjust her teaching according to your dog’s skill level. We’ll be using just jumps and tunnels in two identical setups at opposite ends of the field. That way you can peel off and practice what Linda is demonstrating.

 Limit: 8 participants. Please sign up online. Please arrive by 8:30 to get your dogs settled and set up a total of 2 tunnels and 12 jumps. Questions: email