6-26-21: Demystifying Backsides of Jumps

SAVE THE DATE! June 26th

If you’ve wondered what a backside is, how to teach it, and how to incorporate it into your agility repertoire, Kristen Bartoli will show you how. Increasingly, courses are requiring dogs to take the backsides of jumps, so this is a useful skill for you and your dog to know how to execute. It’s not just confined to the “fancy” international-type courses any more.

This is a two-hour workshop (9:00–11:00) that will feature individual coaching and then applying the new skills to a small course. ARFF member Kristen Bartoli teaches agility at High Fidelity Dogs and competes with her two dogs, Prosecco and Dazzle, in agility and scent work 

Limit: 6 participants + unlimited auditors

Plan to arrive at 8:30 to set up and get settled.

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