ARFF 2024 Winter Practice

ARFF Agility

ARFF Board would like to know if you have interest in winter indoor training at Gemini,, located in Littleton.  The days are fairly limited because of their classes but Friday and Saturdays are a possibility for a one hour training slot.  Please complete this short poll with your choice of days and times or indicate if you’re not interested in indoor training.  Additionally, if you are interested in indoor training but these days/times don’t work for you, let us know that too in the poll.

The rates are $70 per hour for groups of five or more or $60 per hour for up to four people.  The first training hour is on ARFF and any subsequent training sessions will be paid by you. If 5 people attend, each would likely have time for 2 runs.

Please note that the course will be set up by Gemini and it is not an option to change the course. There will be no instructor.

Also, there is no indoor crating area. This means that you will need to keep your dog on leash or in your car.

Details will follow once we know of interest.