Saturday Workshop: Stellar Startlines and Lead-Outs

May 27, 2023 (with a mini-trial 2nd session June 3, 2023): 9:00–12:00

Nini Bloch

Agility veterans often refer to the startline as “the first obstacle”—and it can be a doozy. We’ve all had a botched startline ruin an entire run. This workshop will explore various aspects of startlines (there’s more to startlines than simply teaching your dog that staying at the startline can be fun and rewarding). It helps to think of the startline as a chain of events, which starts when you get your dog into line to run and ends when he takes the first obstacle. There’s a reason that many agility competitors develop a whole set of rituals to deal with this aspect of the game. This workshop aims to help you train the pieces of the chain so you and your dog can step to the startline with joy and confidence.

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