8-4-21: Crosses and Which Way to Turn

The jumble of jumps in this sequence are tightly packed. It will be a challenge to negotiate a path among them and, for instance, get to the right tunnel entrance. Look at the paths and be clear about when and where you need to cross and which way you want to turn your dog. For baby dogs, try the two … Read More

7-28-21: Advanced USDAA Snooker course

Practice your snooker strategy skills on this Advanced course. The end is flowing so calibrate whether you want to get high points in the opening at the possible expense of finishing the course.

7-21-21: Tunnel Sends & Layering

These exercises will give you lots of practice in layering jumps. If you can send your dog to tunnels, you’ll be in a better position to guide him through these sequences. (Two PDFs this week)

7-14-21: Table, Tire, Long Jump

The table interrupts flow so it’s a potential downer for dogs. Here’s a chance to reinforce your dog for controlling his approach and waiting for his release to the next obstacle. Most people practice the long jump rarely. You may want to practice it separately first before putting it in the sequences. Giving your dog a straight-on approach helps him … Read More

7-10-21: AKC Nationals course

Susan Giordano was watching the AKC Nationals. The Excellent Std course starts with a long, S-shaped sweep of jumps to the weaves. It tripped up a lot of dogs. Here’ s your chance to take a crack at it and see what works for you and your dog.