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Saturday, May 13, 2023 Instructor: Susan Giordano Visualize a perfect dog walk performance: Your dog approaches the plank squarely, flies over the three segments, and nails a perfect 2-on-2-off landing, releasing only on your cue. Is that your dog? There are many components to a perfect dog walk, and we will work on some of these depending on the needs … Read More


The ability to lead out and send your dog really help in running sequences with backsides. This week’s setup allows you to practice backsides within a jumpbox and in a sequence with a tunnel. If your dog is new to backsides, practice with a single jump at first. Plan your runs carefully and see if you can get where you need to … Read More

5-3-23_Piece of GPQF

This course presented a fast but tricky opening cluster of jumps and a tunnel. Try both options. People who have signed up:Playtime (4:00): Setup (4:30): Betty, Sally, NiniStart (5:00): Marci, Barbara Later:

4-29-23_Course Building_Adv P2Std

It makes sense to practice course-building on a full standard course with all the obstacles, today an Advanced Standard course. Come learn some tips to make course-building faster and easier and have fun running your masterpiece. People who have signed up:Playtime: Setup: Start: Later:

4-26-23_Distance Work

People who have signed up:Playtime 4:00 – 4:30: Arabella Lyon, Cindy XueSetup 4:30 – 5:00: Nini Bloch, Sally WillardStart 5:00: Barbara and Rorie Peskin, Betty Johnston, Later: This famous exercise, designed by Monica Percival, lets you practice crosses. She intended it originally to be a front-cross exercise to clue the then clueless handlers that it was possible to get ahead of your dog to … Read More