6-7-23_Tunnel & Weave Medley

This exercise from Linda Mecklenberg offers challenging weave entries amidst a twisty set of jumps and a tunnel. Stay on your toes and keep connected with your dog! Tunnel discrimination and independent obstacle performance will serve you well. People who have signed up:Playtime: Setup: : 4:30 – 5:00 Betty, Ellen, Nini, Sally Start: Later:

Saturday Practice: Open Practice

Saturday, June 10, 2023 Saturday practice is “Open practice”. The practice map is offered so members don’t need to try to create something. You’re free to make up a course that suits everyone. Who’s going? 9:00: 9:30: Later: Wednesday’s course maps are included here.

5-24-23_Cynosport Steeplechase Quarterfinal 2022

People who have signed up:Playtime: Tiger, KaylaSetup: Betty, Sally, Beth, NiniStart: Heather, BarbaraLater: This is a fast, flowing Steeplechase course where you have to have control of your dog for two passes over the A-frame and once through the weaves. Have fun—and try to stay ahead of your dog.

5-17-23_Contact Discriminations

Today we’re offering tunnels under both the dogwalk and the A-frame. Can you flip your dog from the A-frame to the off-side tunnel? Can he manage correct weave entries from curved tunnels? Who has signed up for practice?400 playtime: Tiger, Ellen, 4:30 setup: Betty, Marci, 5:00 start: Barbara, Letalater: Nini

Building Better Contacts

Saturday, May 13, 2023 Instructor: Susan Giordano Visualize a perfect dog walk performance: Your dog approaches the plank squarely, flies over the three segments, and nails a perfect 2-on-2-off landing, releasing only on your cue. Is that your dog? There are many components to a perfect dog walk, and we will work on some of these depending on the needs … Read More