8-23-23_Adv P2 Snooker

This setup, where most of the “red” jumps are lined up on one side of the course, is a somewhat different Snooker course from normal. Your planning needs to accommodate that restriction. Note: There’s also a Snooker handout that explains the game and that includes a handy cheat sheet to compute points. Signup and see who else has signed up … Read More

8-16-23_Fun with Straight Tunnel

Straight tunnels present many challenges on course. They act as “dog accelerators” and can block approaches to other obstacles you need to reach. A straight tunnel may be easy for your dog to do, but it’s not necessarily your “friend” on course. To manage this menace and cut down on the amount of huffing and puffing you’ll need to do, … Read More

Saturday Practice: Open Practice

Saturday, August 12, 2023 Saturday practice is “Open practice”. The practice map is offered so members don’t need to try to create something. You’re free to make up a course that suits everyone. Signup and see who else has signed up at https://bit.ly/ARFF_Practice Wednesday’s course maps are included here.

8-9-23_Traps in Biathlon Jumpers

When we’re planning a run, we often focus on the “ideal” path for the dog and where to make crosses. This segment of a challenging Baithlon Jumpers course will force you to consider the off-course obstacles that might lure your dog and how to manage these traps. It’s a reminder that you need a certain “environmental awareness” on course beyond … Read More

8-2-23_Double Jump Boxes

A jump box allows you to practice all sorts of handling skills in a small space, including crosses and managing 270˚ turns and pinwheels. Two jump boxes provide double the fun. Plan your runs carefully and try building skills by attempting longer or trickier sequences. Signup and see who else has signed up at https://bit.ly/ARFF_Practice