Saturday Practice: Open Practice

Saturday, October 1, 2022 Saturday practice is “Open practice”. The practice map is offered so members don’t need to try to create something. You’re free to make up a course that suits everyone. Wednesday’s course maps are included here. Who will be there:Sally & Tiger (9:30 setup) barbara 9:30 setup heather 10 start Linda setup Beth setup Jessica – after … Read More

9-28-22 advanced Gamblers course

A simple setup with a contact in the gamble. Try to create a flowing opening for your dog and end up where you need to be to send him to the gamble. Who will be there? Estimated arrival Susan 4:00 Playtime Barbara 4:30 – 5:00 Early/Course Set Up Sally aiming for 4, early setup Phyllis Hutchinson 4:00 Beth 4:00 Please … Read More

9-21-22: Table Fun

Most dogs could do without the table on a course—it interrupts the Flow of Fun and they have to just “do nothing” for a bit. Here’s an exeriment to make this less-than-appealing obstacle more of a favorite with your dog. Have fun—and reinforce what you like heavily. Who has signed up?Betty – 4:30 setupJessica 4:30 – 5:00 Early/Course Setup Please … Read More

9-14-22: Wraps and Forced Fronts

You’ll get to practice tight wraps (in which direction?) and backsides of jumps. Try a “forced front” and see how it works for you to get your dog to switch sides on the backside of a jump (See One Mind Dogs: Who will be there? Barbara (5:00); Betty (4:30) Please remember to print and bring the layout and maps to … Read More