6-16-21: Speed Circles

Since most dogs love to run flat out, speed circles generate enthusiasm and confidence in your dog that can translate into successful distance handling. Strategic use of toys and bait plates can also help motivate your dog. You also want to maintain proper performance, for instance, of weaves and contacts, so you’ll need to reinforce your dog for good contacts … Read More

6-19-21: Collection, Extension & Homing

These are the courses from Linda Medcraft’s 6-12-21 workshop. Practice what you’ve learned about these basic agility skills your dog needs to negotiate virtually any sequence.

6-9-21: Weavemania

Nancy Gyes offers a setup for testing your dog’s weave entries and some advice for dealing with pop-out dogs. Four options.

6-2-21: Pinwheels Galore

Pinwheels present a special challenge, because turning in place is not motivating for most dogs.Keep moving smoothly and be aware of where you’re going. A cross in the middle of a pinwheel can help guide your dog and keep him moving. The more you can send your dog ahead in a pinwheel instead of “going into the pocket,” the more … Read More

5-26-21: Working with Jump Boxes

Think about whether you want to lead out or run with your dog for these exercises. Look at the paths carefully, and plan your crosses so that you can give your dog the smoothest, clearest ride. Exercise 2, green boxes, are the most challenging. Pick a piece of this exercise to work on if you want instead of trying to … Read More