9-22-21: USDAA Grand Prix course

The original is challenging with potential for off-courses. You may want to work on the start separately. It’s a doozy. The alternative is much easier. Have fun!

Who will be at Practice Saturday Sept 18

Sign up and you’ll be added to the list. Saturday is “open” practice. Who ever goes to practice gets to determine (by consensus) the exercises/courses we use. Just in case we choose Wednesday’s course/exercises, don’t forget to bring your map! 9:00 Playtime9:30 Setup10:00 Practice Start Sally and Tiger – as close to 9:15 as we can get.

9-15-21: Serps in Sequences

This week’s setup includes a pinwheel and lots of serpentine possibilities. Plan which side of the serpentine you want to be on when your dog exits it. Try to keep your dog moving smoothly throughout. Watch the slightly weird angles and adjust your path accordingly.

9-8-21: Contact Discriminations

Tunnels under both the A-frame and the dogwalk will keep you on your toes. Plan your runs carefully. It’s as important to figure out where you need to be as your dog exits a tunnel or contact as how to get your dog to the correct obstacle in the first place.