10-12-22: Straight Tunnels & Weaves

Straight tunnels encourage dogs to speed through them and exit quickly. Can you cue your dog to turn back and make a weave pole entry? Call your dog while he/she is in the tunnel to cue the turn at the tunnel exit? You may want to just work with cueing your dog to turn while he’s in the tunnel. Please … Read More

9-28-22 advanced Gamblers course

A simple setup with a contact in the gamble. Try to create a flowing opening for your dog and end up where you need to be to send him to the gamble. Who will be there? Estimated arrival Susan 4:00 Playtime Barbara 4:30 – 5:00 Early/Course Set Up Sally aiming for 4, early setup Phyllis Hutchinson 4:00 Beth 4:00 Please … Read More

9-21-22: Table Fun

Most dogs could do without the table on a course—it interrupts the Flow of Fun and they have to just “do nothing” for a bit. Here’s an exeriment to make this less-than-appealing obstacle more of a favorite with your dog. Have fun—and reinforce what you like heavily. Who has signed up?Betty – 4:30 setupJessica 4:30 – 5:00 Early/Course Setup Please … Read More

9-14-22: Wraps and Forced Fronts

You’ll get to practice tight wraps (in which direction?) and backsides of jumps. Try a “forced front” and see how it works for you to get your dog to switch sides on the backside of a jump (See One Mind Dogs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIoaeUszm0k). Who will be there? Barbara (5:00); Betty (4:30) Please remember to print and bring the layout and maps to … Read More