9-1-21: Tunnels and Weaves

Straight tunnels encourage dogs to speed through them and exit quickly. Can you cue your dog to turn back and make a weave pole entry? Call your dog while he/she is in the tunnel to cue the turn at the tunnel exit? You may want to just work with cueing your dog to turn while he’s in the tunnel.

8-25-21: Looking for Patterns

Look for the patterns of obstacles in these sequences. There are a line of jumps, a couple of pinwheels, and a circle of jumps. Look for the straight lines in the paths and line up your dog accordingly.

8-11-21: Fun with Tunnels

Straight, or almost straight tunnels are speed traps since your dog will accelerate through them. You have to plan carefully where you want to be as your dog enters and exits them. These sequences also are good practice for sending your dog to and calling your dog through tunnels.

8-4-21: Crosses and Which Way to Turn

The jumble of jumps in this sequence are tightly packed. It will be a challenge to negotiate a path among them and, for instance, get to the right tunnel entrance. Look at the paths and be clear about when and where you need to cross and which way you want to turn your dog. For baby dogs, try the two … Read More