9-7-22: Tunnelers course Entertainment for the Ice Cream Social

Join us for our post-trial celebration (there’ll be ice cream for the dogs, too), and let your dog go crazy in Tunnel Mayhem. Who is planning to be there? Name Arrival Time Barbara & Rorie 5:00-5:15 Sally & Tiger 4:30 Betty & Harry 4:30 Susan & Sulu 4:00 Beth & Kayla 4:00 Please remember to print and bring the layout … Read More

8-31-22: Tunnel & Jump Discriminations

Practice quick crosses and careful threading of your dog to the correct jumps and tunnels. There’s not much room in the setup, so you need to be clear and decisive in your handling. Beth (setup) Betty Susan ??? Please remember to print and bring the layout and maps to practice.

8-24-22: USDAA Starters Snooker course

Following up on the Snooker workshop, you can practice strategizing and proof your concept in the field. Cardinal rule of thumb: Try to design a flowing path for your dog. There are a couple of handouts about Snooker included as well, so don’t forget to download them. who signed up: Jessica (4:30 setup) Please remember to print and bring the … Read More

8-17-22: Challenging Weave Entries

These exercises do not present a familiar entry to the weaves, but they do offer a chance to test just how much your dog understands weave entries. You may want to lead out from the initial jump at first to guide your dog. Add distance as your dog gains confidence. Who has signed up? [Name (time)]Jessica (4:30 – 5:00 Early/Course … Read More

8-10-22: Serpentines with Table

It may just be 4 jumps and a table, but these two serpentine exercises will keep you on your toes and happy for a pause at the table. Who has signed up: Heather – will be there close to 5:30.Betty – likely earlyBeth – for setup (4:30) Please remember to print and bring the layout and maps to practice.