Tunnel/A-frame Discriminations

Here’s a portion of a CPE Standard course that provides some practice in tunnel/A-frame discrimination. You will have a chance to practice which cues work best for you and your dog and how you can set the dog’s line for the correct obstacle, despite the A-frame and 20′ tunnel obstructing the handler’s path.

USDAA Gamblers Course

This week we have a USDAA Advanced Gamblers course designed by Janet Gauntt. You get to design your own opening and then test your distance skills in the closing. Here’s a link that explains the rules of the game: https://www.usdaa.com/article.cfm?newsID=2848

Full Course: USDAA Advanced Snooker

This week we are running an Advanced Snooker course. If you’re not familiar with Snooker, here’s a link to an article from Clean Run that explains the rules. http://www.usdaa.com/binary/files/SnookerHanson.pdf​ Snooker allows you to design your own course to best suit your canine partner’s strengths and to see how many points you can accumulate in the opening. This course uses jumps, tunnels … Read More

Full Course: USDAA Biathlon Jumpers

This week we’re running a USDAA Biathlon Jumpers course. “Biathlons” are the most complex and challenging courses run in USDAA. You can run the entire course or just parts of it to choose your challenges. We will also number a slightly easier alternate version for teams that are not yet comfortable with backsides. 

Full Course: Crufts 2019 Standard

This week we’ll run a course that was used at Crufts in early March 2019 as a singles heat for all sizes: large, small, and medium. It’s a fast course with lots of direction changes.